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Things I have learned...

Dear Sir or Madam,

Heinz Jäger At the age of 68 I often have the feeling that we live in a time when the ground is moving beneath our feet and people are losing their bearings. Many people feel insecure and no longer know how to behave. Most of us feel that we need to return to certain basic values. Let us therefore remind ourselves of the old rules of corporate governance.

These fundamental values are the cornerstones of corporate management and morality. Historically, there has not been an economy able to give up these fundamental values with impunity in the long run. In most cases, a disregard of these fundamental values was the reason for the decline of businesses and whole economies.

As a board member and later as a consultant, I have been in contact with an estimated 5,000 companies over the past 40 years. I would like to briefly touch on some of the lessons learned from these many years of experience:

  1. The company director who enjoys continued success "fears God, does the right thing and shies away from no-one".
  2. Top managers see themselves as the conductor of an orchestra. The art, however, is not to choose the right piece of music, but to select the best musicians.
  3. An excellent business leader attaches great importance to team spirit whereby people treat each other with respect.
  4. The successful CEO is characterised by restraint.
  5. And does not consider discretion in a family business old-fashioned, but a virtue.
  6. Company directors should live modestly and have no great demands.
  7. They must deal with ethical issues in business and denounce any misconduct on the manager level.
  8. Managers should engender trust, e. g. by keeping their word.
  9. Hire & Fire leads to seclusion and destroys both the working atmosphere and productivity.
  10. Company directors should keep an eye on the environmental impact of their decisions.

Entrepreneurs with sustainable success, such as the Aldi, Brenninkmeijer, Quandt, Schwarz (Lidl), Rossmann and Rehn (Alnatura) families, abide by strict rules which form the basis of their extraordinary success. Let us return to these old rules.

Enjoy the springtime and stay healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Heinz Jäger
Heinz Jäger

Selected M&A-Opportunities (I)

Company Sale

Large Vietnamese shrimp producer with 140 hectares of farming area,
2 processing plants and an annual output of 20,000 t, reaching a turnover of around € 70 million is looking for a suitable partner to expand further.

Instant Drinks

Manufacturer of instant drinks (tea, chai, coffee, chocolate, milk powder, topping etc.) is looking for partners / buyer; sales: less than € 10 million; earnings positive; sales regions: Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia.
Project No. 172322


Leading dairy (family business) seeks buyer for majority interest; turnover:
€ 140 million; products: milk, butter, ice cream, cheese, yoghurt;
EBITDA: 8 %; 22,000 connected farmers.
Project No. 158993M

Metal Processing

Turkish specialist for sheet metal processing for automotive industry and household appliances with an annual turnover of nearly € 15 million, an EBITDA-margin of approx. 11 % and 125 employees is looking for a buyer.
Project METAL-TR


International active mechanical engineering company active especially in welding and special purpose machinery with around 20 employees, a turnover of below € 5 million and excellent profit situation is looking for a succession plan.
Project No. 158726


Strong growing (turnover: € 13 million in 2015 / € 22 million in 2016 / expected € 43 million for 2017) Engineering-Procurement-Construction company in Vietnam with currently around 300 employees is looking for a partner to implement incoming big projects.
Project No. 178457

Building Contractors

As part of the succession plan, a transferee is being sought for a well-run, owner-managed company, which, with around 10 employees, carries out construction work in residential, commercial and civil engineering in Southern Germany. The approx. 40 construction projects per year are mostly granted by architects and lead to a cash flow of around € 125,000 p. a.
Project No. 178717

--> Company Purchase

Hello, may I introduce myself?


I'm Valerian, the freshly hatched son of JP-Mergers-consultant Tobias Kemmerer. I was born this year at the 28th of January at 09:07 with a length of 48 cm and a weight of 2.2 kg. My Parents and the entire JP Mergers-Team are very happy about my arrival – and me too!

Selected M&A-Opportunities (II)

Company Purchase
Animal Feed

Strong European investment company is looking for producers in the pet food sector to participate / take over. Turnover of the targets should exceed
€ 10 million with above-average performance and good growth prospects.
Project No. 172974


Western European pastry producer with a turnover of € 500 - 750 million would like to further expand its market position and is looking for acquisitions across Europe. Strong brands are preferred.
Project No. 48451

Ready Meal Snacks

Well-known German industrial family plans to participate in innovative manufacturers of ready-meal products (refrigerated and frozen), such as snacks, sandwiches, finger food, wraps, salads, sushi, smoothies, coffee, etc.; target turnover: € 5 - 100 million.
Project No. 84421

Food (Rice)

Indian manufacturer of basmati rice with worldwide activities is looking for participation opportunities in Europe; sales of the Indian group: € 500 million; medium-sized players in the European market are preferred.
Project No. 158993R

Convenience Food (Meat)

Strong British manufacturer of high-quality meat convenience products (beef, pork, poultry, lamb, etc.) is expanding; acquisition (majority stake) opportunities in the meat industry with a high level of processing and customized are sought; target markets are HOREGA, caterers, bulk consumers and convenience industry; target turnover: € 10 - 150 million.
Project No. 171473

Food Production
German Speaking Regions

Successful group is looking for producers of food in the German-speaking countries to take over. Usually succession solutions of companies with at least € 1.5 million EBIT and > 8 % EBIT margin are preferred.
Project No. 175844

Professional Kitchen Industry
German Speaking Regions

Strong European company is looking for manufacturers or solution provider in the area of professional kitchen equipment or refrigeration / blast chillers with a turnover between € 10 to 50 million to form an international group.
Project No. 99

Software & Electronics

Technology investor is looking for innovative, medium-sized technology companies with a unique market position. Business sectors: software, materials, electronics, industrial technologies, mechanical engineering. Should have a turnover of more than € 10 million and a positive EBITDA.
Project No. 158701

Private Equity

Leading German private equity company is looking for investment targets in the field of IT, industry, chemistry, lifestyle and FMCG with more than
€ 25 million in turnover to acquire a majority stake.
Project No. 178736

Participation Opportunities
German Speaking Regions

German investment company is looking for companies with potential with up to € 50 million turnover for minority and majority interests in the German-speaking countries.
Project No. 172188a

Europe & South America

Strong European medical company is looking to expand on companies producing OTC and prescription drugs on natural basis, also food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices (with solid scientific background); no generics; turnover should exceed € 10 million, preferred regions Europe and South America.
Project No. 87384

--> Company Sale

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