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The Christmas Season

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The Christmas Season (Editorial)
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The Christmas Season

Heinz Jäger It is Advent again. Those weeks before Christmas which used to be reserved for quiet contemplation. Back then, there was still time for reflection, for candle lit evenings filled with the scent of pine and oranges. Perhaps this idea of a peaceful and quiet run-up to Christmas is only a nostalgic memory of bygone days. But don't we sometimes wonder where it all went and why we can't feel so festive any more?

Yes, life has become more hectic and we modern people tend to be impatient. Nothing can ever happen fast enough. We have lists (such as Tasks in Outlook) that we work on, sometimes losing sight of what really matters. And it's hard to take a break because pausing feels like a standstill. So what is the real problem?

It is not that we have more to do today. I can remember my father in the early 1950s riding 30 km a day to work on his bicycle in every weather. He had a 50-hour work week excluding overtime. When he got home in the evening he went straight to the "construction site". He built our house with his own hands for four long years. Nevertheless, there was a feeling of great peace and quiet during the Christmas season.

Back then, Christmas – and everything that goes with it – took a lot of preparing. This is not what makes us so distracted and stops us just being in the moment. The real cause lies elsewhere, the belief that we all have to function better and better and that the gifts have to be bigger and bigger.

The transformation of our world is mainly due to our being constantly confronted with new tasks: Instead of phones, we have smartphones that are becoming more and more complicated. We are no longer just somewhere, but permanently available. Worse still, it has "afflicted" the female portion of our population (but not only; also a lot of men are infected). For example, they voluntarily join WhatsApp groups where they are constantly being updated on important events: "Daniela has found a great handbag on the high street", "Veronica has found the man of her dreams", Gaby's daughter has stomach ache", "Measles have broken out at day care", etc.

But what does this have to do with Advent? Quite a lot. Particularly if we want to enjoy looking forward to Christmas and some quiet contemplation. We can refuse to embrace society's demands to function perfectly. Because the truth is, we don't have to. And it is also true that it is good for us to stop, to listen to our heart and to give our soul the time it needs to find peace, gather strength and unfold its potential again.

In mindfulness therapy, patients who have become seriously ill as a result of their hectic lives learn to accept themselves. This therapy employs a mantra which can produce true miracles, a sentence that can help a person accept themselves and find inner peace. The phrase is: "You don't have to be perfect to be wonderful".

With this in mind, I wish you a restful Christmas season, peaceful days "between the years" and happiness and health for the 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Heinz Jäger
Heinz Jäger

Selected M&A-Opportunities (I)

Company Sale

Strong Vietnamese pharmaceutical company manufacturing and trading of medicine, capsules and medical equipment with an annual turnover of nearly € 30 million and EBITDA-margin of > 50 % and 5 GMP-WHO compliant factories is looking for a strategic partner.
Project VN-MED

Dairy Company

Fast growing Indian milk processor – handling around 0.7 million liters daily – with a turnover of around € 150 million, an EBITDA-margin of approx. 9 % and 5 modern facilities is offering the majority stake to a suitable investor.
Project CHRIS

Metal processing

Turkish specialist for sheet metal processing for automotive industry and household appliances with an annual turnover of nearly € 15 million, an EBITDA-margin of approx. 11 % and 125 employees is looking for a buyer.
Project METAL-TR


Indian specialist for rigid plastic packaging (esp. canister for paint and enclosure for pharmaceutical, care and FMCG products) with a turnover of € 16 million, an EBITDA-margin of 15 % and four sites is for sale (succession).
Project RIGID-IN

Milk processing

Well established Turkish milk processor (esp. cheese, yoghurts, ayran) with more than € 35 million in turnover and € 2.77 million EBITDA is looking for a strategic partner to seize growth chances.
Project MILK-TR


Leading supplier of natural water, fruit juices and ice teas in Turkey with a turnover of € 13 million is looking for a partner to be able to meet the rising demands.
Project TR-AQUA

Pet food

Strong growing pet food startup (producing since 2015) from the Balkans is looking for a strategic or commercial partner. The Product is dried extruded food for dogs (60 %), cats (15 %) and fish feed (25 %) with an expected volume of € 2.5 million in 2017.
Project PFBK


Strong pharmaceutical and OTC producer in Turkey with an annual turnover of around € 30 million, two production sites (+ another under construction) and an EBITDA-margin of just under 20 % is looking for buyers as a medium-term succession solution for the owner family.

--> Company Purchase

Selected M&A-Opportunities (II)

Company Purchase

Western European pastry producer with a turnover of € 500 - 750 million would like to further expand its market position and is looking for acquisitions across Europe. Strong brands are preferred.
Project No. 48451


Strong Indian group in the area of vehicle insulation, seals, rubbers and liquid systems with more than 500 employees at three locations is looking for a joint venture partner to build a manufacturer of NVH components for the commercial vehicle market in India.

Regional specialities
German speaking regions

Successful manufacturer of freshly-baked Bavarian delicacies strive to cooperate with and / or participate in producers of regional specialties preferably in the German speaking regions. Turnover should be around € 5 - 50 million.
Project No. 172188b

Food production
German speaking regions

Successful group is looking for producers of food in the German-speaking countries to take over. Usually succession solutions of companies with at least € 1.5 million EBIT and EBIT margin > 8 % are preferred.
Project No. 175844

Participation opportunities
German speaking regions

German investment company is looking for companies with potential with up to € 50 million turnover for minority and majority interests in the German-speaking countries.
Project No. 172188a

Software & Electronics

Technology investor is looking for innovative, medium-sized technology companies with a unique market position. Business sectors: software, materials, electronics, industrial technologies, mechanical engineering. Should have a turnover of more than € 10 million and a positive EBITDA.
Project No. 158701

Animal Feed

Strong European investment company is looking for producers in the pet food sector to participate / take over. Turnover of the targets should exceed € 10 million with above-average performance and good growth prospects.
Project No.172974

Hot Beverages

Large European producer of instant beverages, chocolate, coffee, vitamin preparations, capsule systems etc. is looking for opportunities to participate. Brand and private label. Investment volume: € 50 million - € 1 billion.
Project No.78923

Dairy Industry

Strong West European milk processor with billions sales is looking for cooperation and / or acquisition potential in the area of production or distribution of dairy products, such as cheese and milk powder with a sales volume of more than € 10 million.
Project No.174878

Meat specialties for hotels, system gastronomy etc.
Western Europe

Very successful European group is looking for a manufacturer for the production of meat components (pork, beef, poultry, vegan) for the bulk consumer business in the EU. Attractive sales channels are hotels, system gastronomy, manufacturers of ready meals, large kitchens etc. with a turnover of at least € 15 million.
Project No.171473

Canned Food

European holding company is looking for expansion worldwide for canned food producers (vegetables, fruits) with an annual turnover of € 20 million in Europe and overseas.
Project No.175734

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