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Dear Readers,

Hans Gitter Germany is rightly proud of the success of its medium-sized enterprises. Quite often, such companies are run by owners who manage their businesses well beyond retirement age. This same phenomenon can also be seen in politics: half the American population has elected a president who is in his seventy-third year. At 66 President Putin is as old as the current German Chancellor whilst former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is 75 and still very active in business and socio-political matters. The world would be lacking many great works of art and the concerts of great conductors had the artists and conductors chosen to end their careers at the age of 60 or 65.

"You take all of the experience and judgment of men over 50 out of the world and there wouldn't be enough left to run it.": So said Henry Ford. The 50-year-olds of Henry Ford's day are the 65-year-olds of today!

My joining JP Mergers as a partner – having sold my own business to a team of young entrepreneurs – follows Ford’s logic. At my age, people have learned to weigh matters carefully instead of raising expectations unduly, and the value of maintaining sincere relationships is recognized to be of utmost importance. Clients do not need a presentation of their strengths and weaknesses, but consultants who make the clients’ interests their own. This is exactly what JP Mergers offers you with its new partner.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Gitter
Hans Gitter

New Partner

Hans Gitter - A Competent Entrepreneur at SME and Group Level

Old friendships: The new partner, Hans Gitter, and Heinz Jäger have been close friends for 40 years.

Both completed their studies in economics and business administration at a time when business was analysed and evaluated from every possible perspective: from the point of view of the entrepreneur, investors, the market, involved parties, whilst taking government-established parameters into account.

This background still determines the way each partner approaches every project. The interests of all parties involved are ascertained for each assignment, thus providing the client with the facts needed to make informed decisions. Particularly in the case of medium-sized enterprises, soft factors often play an overarching role in business decisions. The most extreme example of this would be the regulation of a company’s succession. It is not decided based on the balance sheet, but on so-called soft factors.

JP Mergers puts a wealth of data from 40 years of M&A business to work for its clients. In addition to a solid network of contacts in the food and furniture sectors, Hans Gitter brings expertise in both M&A and restructuring to the table. He is also particularly adept in the areas of sales, production and corporate management.

Heinz Jäger, CEO of JP Mergers AG, is looking forward to working with a new partner: "Hans Gitter has many years of successful management experience in top positions in the retail and furniture industries – this combined experience will certainly be of great benefit to our clients".

Hans Gitter will be supported in the challenges ahead by a team of experienced corporate finance consultants. JP Mergers has over 40 years of experience in M&A transactions in Europe, the USA, South Africa and Asia.

Selected M&A-Opportunities (I)

Company Sale
Convenience | German speaking regions

Western European supplier of convenience for bulk consumers, such as for example, hors d'oeuvre, mussels, quiches, pies, spring rolls, gratins, is looking for a strategic partner in Europe, all forms of cooperation (joint venture, equity investment, etc.) are arguable and the company has a turnover of more than € 500 million and is the market leader in his home country.

Project 171331

Frozen bakery products | Greece

Strong Greek manufacturer of frozen bakery products (sweet and savory cakes) with 300 employees and sales of € 30 million turnover with an EBIT margin> 7% is open for a takeover.

Project 173077

Baked goods / sweet pastries | Southern Europe

Southeastern European producer of biscuits, mini-cakes and chocolates with strong brands in the local market and a sales volume of around € 13 million with a 10% EBITDA margin is open sale.

Project 173593P

Frozen fruits | Southern Europe

Producer of frozen fruits such as strawberry and raspberry in Southern Europe is looking for a potential buyer - € 7 million turnover, 60 employees and own arable land.

Project 173593B

Medical technology | Europe

Medical technology company is looking for an investor / partner to expand activities like clinical studies and marketing of sophisticated minimal invasive cardiological devices. Investment sought > € 5 million.

Project 178941

Catering | India

Very strong growing Indian expert for specialized food and catering, currently serving 12 hospitals as well as some educational and corporate institutions, with around € 10 million in turnover is looking for a suitable partner to exploit further expansion opportunities.

Project 172946

Wholesale foodservice | Germany

Strong wholesale foodservice Company is looking for successor solution, sales over € 20 million, positive EBITDA, strong logistic, location in Germany.

Project 179119

Waste management | German speaking regions

Leading Company in waste management with turnover > € 100 million, good results and more than 2.000 employees is open for investments or takeover.

Project 50253

IT-integrator / IT-services | Bulgaria

Bulgarian IT integrator / cloud service provider and specialist for PC and office equipment with around 200 employees in several locations, a turnover of almost € 30 million is open for acquisition.

Project 173593T

Meat factory | Eastern Europe

Meat factory with a possible daily output of 15 t in Eastern Europe with 1200 m² production area, 670 m² administrative and social rooms, as well as 24 furnished apartments and plenty of expansion possibilities is available for sale due to health reasons (even before the start of production).

Project 17122

Import delicacies / Foodservice | Germany

Importer with main focus on high quality meat and fish and affiliated foodservice is looking for an investor. Strong, sustainable yield, more than € 100 million in turnover.

Project 176320

Château and vinery | France

Wonderful 14th century château and vineyard near Bordeaux with 40 ha of land (25 ha used for grapes), 1,500 m² building space (including 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms) and amenities like a stable, a pool and a tennis court is available as a succession solution for the current owner. The vinery produces more than 1000 hl / 130.000+ bottles of mostly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon und Cabernet France with modern production assets in combination with two classic oak barrel chais.

Project 2007

--> Company Purchase

Selected M&A-Opportunities (II)

Company Purchase
Industrial service | German speaking regions

Southern German industrial service group is looking for companies in the areas of industrial service for further expansion, turnover over € 10 million, good profitability, high level of growth.

Project 178736Z

Food ingredient | Global

Strong international food group is looking for fruit processing or natural flavour for the food industry companies. Should have a turnover of more than € 10 million and a positive EBITDA.

Project 172122

IT-service | Germany

Growing IT-Service Group is looking for acquisition companies in the field of digitization and transformation, (in particular sales & marketing) with at least € 6 million turnover and good profitability, preferably in Germany.

Project 179289

Refrigeration and air conditioning | German speaking regions

European group in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology is looking for expansion companies in the field of installation and maintenance with at least 20 employees in the preferably in German speaking regions.

Project 178722

Food production | German speaking regions

Successful group is looking for producers of food in the German-speaking countries to take over. Ideal succession solutions of companies with at least € 1.5 million EBIT and > 8 % EBIT margin are preferred.

Project 175844

Software & electronics | Europe

Technology investor is looking for innovative, medium-sized technology companies with a unique market position. Business sectors: software, materials, electronics, industrial technologies, mechanical engineering. Should have a turnover of more than € 10 million and a positive EBITDA.

Project 158701

Private equity | Europe

Leading German private equity company is looking for investment targets in the field of IT, industry, chemistry, lifestyle and FMCG with more than € 25 million in turnover to acquire a majority stake.

Project 178736

Meat Specialities | German speaking regions

German meat and sausage group is looking for participations, target turnover: > € 10 million.

Project 65566

Ready meal snacks | Germany

Well-known German industrial family plans to participate in innovative manufacturers of ready-meal products (refrigerated and frozen), such as snacks, sandwiches, finger food, wraps, salads, sushi, smoothies, coffee, etc.; target turnover: € 5 - 100 million.

Project 84421

Industrial Service | Europe

German industrial service group is looking for companies in the areas of maintenance and quality assurance services, digitization, automation and IoT solutions for further expansion.

Project 174830

Bakery products | Europe

Leading baked goods supplier expands, participation or acquisition opportunities in the chilled or frozen bakery products industry are sought with at least € 10 million sales.

Project 179231

Medium-sized companies | German speaking regions

German investment company is looking for marketable, medium-sized companies with a minimum turnover of 10 million € with good prospects for participation in the majority stake.

Project 178927

Minority interests | Europe

European investment company offers boost on equity capital for small and medium-sized companies and family businesses with a minimum turnover of € 10 million through minority direct investments, especially in Germany.

Project 179082

Manufacturing | Germany

MBI investor is looking for production or production-related services, B2B, preferably primary industry, mining, chemical, mechanical engineering, metalworking industry, region: Germany, turnover over € 20 million.

Project 179207


Strong Indian group of companies seeks to acquire manufacturers in the field of plastic parts or cable harnesses / cable systems or switch systems.

Project 179202A

Safety technology | Germany

Western European safety technology provider would like to further expand its market position and is looking for acquisitions which should have a turnover exceeding € 5 million.

Project 178736Y

--> Company Sale