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nearly every entrepreneur who has invested money in their own company repeatedly asks themselves one of the following questions:
• How does the expansion of large competitors - national or international - affect the value of my company?
• How long can I withstand the consolidation process?
• Do I have the financial means to finance further growth and do I have someone to succeed me if I want to - or have to - retire? 

I sold my own company myself, perhaps one or two years too early! I could have adapted to the extremely fast growth of e-commerce, of ever more comprehensive and better internet shops (even on the wholesale side), but only by investing heavily and recruiting specialised staff. However, young, creative e-commerce professionals gravitate to larger companies as opposed to SMEs.

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M&A Opportunities

Sales Offers

Strong international food corporation seeks participation and cooperation opportunities in the food service / bulk consumer delivery services with a sales volume of more than € 50 million, especially in Germany.

Project No.179394

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Purchase Offers

Western European supplier of convenience for bulk consumers, such as for example, hors d'oeuvre, mussels, quiches, pies, spring rolls, gratins, is looking for a strategic partner in Europe, all forms of cooperation (joint venture, equity investment, etc.) are argueable and the company has a turnover of more than € 500 million and is the market leader in his home country.

Project No.171331

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