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Issue October 2020 - Content:

Editorial: Memories
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Dear Readers,

Heinz Jaeger I can remember a time when clocks seem to mark time more slowly, telephones were only found in offices, and Sundays and bank holidays were quiet affairs - a bit like life at the beginning of the corona crisis. Back then, we simply looked out of the window when travelling by train; there were no PC monitors. I used to have a mechanical calculator on my desk at work and my first car was a second-hand VW beetle, which I could actually fix myself.

It was a time when we didn’t trumpet every detail of our private lives to the world via Facebook. Private matters remained that – private. Newspaper articles didn’t all sound the same. Journalists still valued their own research and opinion instead of just churning out AP or Reuters articles. Our lives seemed more carefree, simpler and somehow more stable.

Many things seemed to be eternal. Maybe you can remember this too: in winter there was snow for months on end, even here in the Rhine-Main area. As children we ice skated on flooded streams. The Main river was frozen solid – there were sometimes even beer tents and merry-go-rounds set up on the ice. Back then we read books instead of bestsellers. We solved maths problems in our heads; letters were written by hand. We played together instead of with the computer and the big wide world was a lot further away than it is today.

My grandmother told me of her childhood, of beatings with sticks in schools, of child labour being the norm in the 19th century. She told me of both world wars, of the fate of her Jewish neighbours and of the forced labourers from Russia. My grandfather died early, but I remember how he took me with him when he went for his pint of beer on Sunday mornings. I was three and as proud as punch to accompany him. And above all, I have a picture in my head of my grandparents sitting on a bench in front of the gate, chatting with neighbours and passers-by on a summer’s evening after the day’s work had been done. ´

It was – it seems – a time in which there was more opportunity for small breaks, slower steps, standing still. Did we really have more in common then, rather than trying to outdo each other? How long ago is that? And how could things change so fast? “That’s the way of the world”, says he who is always speeding up his steps. You can’t do anything about it; no-one can stop it. There is no way back in life. This realisation is as stark as it is true.

It is said that some things are romanticised by memory. Yet, there is so much that people miss. Amazingly, it is the everyday things one misses the most. Perhaps because they lent the day structure and allowed one to keep one’s bearings. When these things change or lose their value and are replaced by the new, life simply seems different. Such nostalgic thoughts were put far more poetically by a French author: “One seldom knows what happiness is, but one usually knows what happiness was.”

Was everything really better in times past? Most surely not. But perhaps life was indeed a little more carefree.

Best regards

Heinz Jaeger
Heinz Jäger

We need new salespeople

By Tobias Kemmerer
Why are so many retailers not particularly good at selling? Because their eagerness to sell is exhausted in „waiting for the customer". The retailer who waits for new customers at a safe distance behind the sales counter is destined to lose. Only the retailer who meets their customers head on can win.

Of course, we all like to hold on to what we’ve got. The current pandemic is reminding us, however, that all too often we are swaddled in a false sense of security and a “keep on trucking" attitude.

The fat years of success have made us complacent and negated the need for new thinking. It is high time we face up to the market changes we are currently experiencing - and those that are still ahead of us - and try to understand and use these changes for growth.

It is no longer a price war that brings success (even if prices still haunt the minds of strategists as a planning parameter). The battles for the cheapest offers were decided years ago. The "discount cake" has long been in firm hands. Anyone who tries their luck based on a price war will fail and possibly never recover from the attempt. So medium-sized companies should steer clear of any strategies involving price.

Only very few businesses with reliable distribution and procurement channels and considerable financial means can afford to attempt the mass quantities route.

Take the textile business as a typical example. The migration to cheap manufacturers in the Far East has ruined an entire industry in Germany. Only a few large players are still in the mass production business. But do they still get much joy from it?

In cases where business is slowing down, one could unfortunately apply the formula "fast growth - fast death" or one could set out to inspire customers anew and create new sales ideas.

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Selected M&A Opportunities

- Purchase Requests -

Participation opportunities | Europe

A family office with strong liquidity is looking for investments in small and medium-sized companies with a (pre-corona) EBIT of € 2 million or more, particularly in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, the packaging industry and the manufacture of electronic components (EMS) or which have demonstrably successful business models and which have growth potential to be promoted in their market segment or niche.

Project 175862

Mechanical Engineering | Europe

A fast-growing company in the field of packaging machinery is looking for machine builders, especially for conveying equipment with a sales volume of € 3 million or more, preferably from Germany or Italy.

Project 17224

IT System House | Germany

Successful system house seeks takeover candidates in the IT system house, solution provider and digital transformation sector in Germany with annual revenues of € 10 million or more.

Project 5143

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We need new salespeople (continued)

Some medium-sized textile companies are successfully following this very path and they have a strong ally in the consumer. Frustrated by the cheap clothes from the Far East, disastrous working conditions and unfair distribution of profits, consumers are returning to quality products

Many successful companies have found their own way and looked beyond their own horizons. They have created new, unconventional synergies and forged strategic alliances.

The top priority in the current market situation must be to stop being interchangeable as quickly as possible. Create an unmistakable offer and company profile for yourself. Give sales the first priority again and get close to your customers.

The cold systems, devoid of people, that are currently gaining ground globally offer an opportunity to those who follow a well-known law: "Where an imbalance arises, opposing forces will provide the balance". In this case: If the distance to the customer increases, the winners will be those who create renewed customer proximity.

Customers have always made two-thirds of their decisions on gut feeling with only one third being based on reason.

Those who practice more customer proximity create more emotionally oriented customer loyalty and influence significantly more purchasing decisions in their favour.

Customers are waiting for change. Change your offer and sales strategy and you will regain their undivided attention.

Of all things, it is the current pandemic that is bringing about major changes. People and companies have been torn out of their rut, confronted with new situations, and a comprehensive re-evaluation of their own self has been set in motion. As a result, customer behaviour will also change...

Will I remain loyal to the local bookseller who provided innovative advice and deliveries despite the lockdown or to the local carpenter who helped to find solutions for new hygiene rules quickly and easily? All too often we forget the positive experiences, good service or the teamwork involved in finding solutions.

Instead of focusing on short-term profit maximization and maximized shareholder value, there are other factors that lead to long-term and sustainable success. These factors involve employees, customers, the public, and the environment. A good salesperson should therefore not only aim for turnover, but also take numerous other factors into account to generate satisfied and loyal customers and build a reputation as a reliable, solution-oriented partner.

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Selected M&A Opportunities

- Purchase Requests -

Transformation Consulting | Europe

Specialist for agile / organisational transformation at the interface of digitalisation, strategy and organisation is looking for similar companies with annual sales of € 7 million or more to build a powerful group in Europe.

Project 178954

Succession Solution | Germany

MBI-candidate is looking for an open and suitable succession situation with 100% takeover of the shares and entry as managing director with a turnover of € 4 million or more, especially in the Berlin area and the new federal states.

Project 2606

Convenience and food service providers | Western Europe

Very successful operator of small high-frequency sales areas in the convenience and food service segments seeks equity interests in companies with complementary to-go ranges (such as pizzas, sandwiches, salad variations, quiches, etc.) and with high-frequency locations (railway stations, airports, shopping centers, shopping streets, etc.); renovation cases undesirable.

Project 179742

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New success through new marketing?

A Chinese proverb says: You were successful when you and your people achieved the desired goal and they said: "We have achieved all this, and it is all thanks to us".

To be successful, you need a usable idea and the will to implement it. You also need people who you can inspire with your idea and in whom you can instil this same will.

Many successful managers have seen success as the result of their good management skills. But many have simply benefited from the right moment to implement their business idea. This has given the upwards spiral of success an additional boost.

In this respect, it is much more difficult to counteract any downward movement of the market. However, this too can be seen in a positive light. In physical terms alone, the forces of the downturn can be used for the next upswing.

Most companies have made the right use of the downturn phase. They have thrown off unnecessary ballast although this alone will not be enough to provide the necessary momentum for the next upswing.

But that's no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater and head for the latest miracle cures. Proven marketing instruments are sufficient to develop new strategies. You must take only a few things into account:

  • Do not mourn for the ballast you just got rid of and do not stick to your old ways of thinking as this hinders new ideas.
  • Determine a clear new course and create a new outlook for all competitors.
  • Bring new people on board.

Much of what is required can be achieved by your own efforts. The following is a checklist of suggestions on how to optimise your business and company profile:

  • Make sure you have an overview of the current market
  • Analyse customer behaviour and structures
  • Research possible market niches
  • Identify potential cooperation partners
  • Identify and develop new sales and product ideas
  • Develop a new sales strategy
  • Develop a new company strategy and define a new company profile
  • Motivate and optimize your sales team, creating strong sales incentives
  • Agree on new goals with all employees
  • Be sure to implement the above consistently over time
  • Develop a sales-oriented communications concept
  • Continue to improve everything – even the good things.

Selected M&A Opportunities

- Purchase Requests -

Convenience Food | Europe

Western European producer of convenience products for bulk consumers, such as starter plates, mussels, quiches, pies, spring rolls, gratins, is looking for a strategic partner in Europe (preferably in the DACH region and Benelux), all forms of cooperation (joint venture, equity participation, etc.) are open to discussion. The company has a turnover of more than € 500 million and is market leader in its home country.

Project 171331

Pizza Wholesale | Germany / France

Western European wholesaler / foodservice especially for pizza and snacks is looking for investment and cooperation opportunities (foodservice / pizza, snacks & convenience) in Germany and France with a sales volume of € 10 million or more.

Project 178735

Food Ingredients | Europe

International food group is looking for manufacturers of food ingredients (mainly baking ingredients, stabilisers and emulsifiers) with a turnover between € 15 and 80 million in the European area to join the group - owners and management are to participate and contribute to the joint growth course.

Project 178290

Fruit and Raw Materials | Europe

Agrar-Group (German speaking regions) is looking for acquisition opportunities in the field of fruit processing or natural raw materials for the food industry with a turnover of at least € 10 million and a positive profit situation.

Project 172122

C+C and Wholesale Delivery | Germany

Renowned German operator of C+C locations and delivery wholesale (location: south of the Main line, several hundred million € turnover) is looking for takeover and investment opportunities with a turnover of up to approx. € 500 million; primary target areas: Southern Germany, New Federal States, North Sea).

Project 89620

Fresh Food Service | Germany

Successful food manufacturer and fresh food service operator is looking for takeover and investment opportunities in the fresh food service sector with a turnover of € 5 million or more in Germany.

Project 56561

Software | Europe

Strong European IT group is looking for software companies or consulting firms for design / product / lifecycle / process management with a turnover of € 5 million or more to become majority shareholders in Europe.

Project 53642

IT Service Provider | DACH

German IT service provider with focus on IT consulting, IT system integration and software development in the areas of SAP, infrastructure and communication is looking for IT service companies and IT consulting firms with a turnover of at least € 10 million in the German-speaking area to expand the group.

Project 172100

IT Specialist Healthcare | Europe / USA

Strong European supplier of automation solutions in the healthcare sector is seeking to acquire specialists in software solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers, including supply chain software providers of automated systems for clinical applications with a minimum turnover of € 5 million in Europe or the USA.

Project 172275

Mechanical Engineering | Europe

Strong international partner seeks to expand the group by acquiring majority stakes in mechanical engineering and software companies in the aerospace, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor and contract manufacturing sectors with sales of at least € 20 million.

Project 158701

Plastics processing | DACH

Strong investor is looking for a group of companies in the plastics processing industry in German-speaking countries with at least € 10 million and the willingness to give up the majority position.

Project 178290

Plastics Specialists (PU) | Europe

European plastics group is looking for system houses, manufacturers and distributors in the field of polyurethanes with a sales volume of at least € 20 million in Europe.

Project 156595

Packaging | Europe

Packaging manufacturer seeks acquisition opportunities in the flexible packaging sector or specialists for product identification with labels, inkjet and laser with a turnover of between € 7 and € 50m in Europe.

Project 179497

Medical Technology | DACH / Europe

Investment company specialising in medical technology is looking for investment opportunities in the fields of medical technology, diagnostics, digital health, biotechnology, etc. with a potential transaction volume of up to € 100 million.

Project 53448

Engineering Offices | Europe

Strong investor is looking for engineering offices for technical building equipment / digitalisation in building and construction with more than € 3 million in turnover to expand and provide common services.

Project 178722

Selected M&A-Opportunities

- Company Sales -

Food Importer | Germany

Well-known German importer with a focus on exotic meat (e.g. bison, zebra, crocodile, kangaroo and wagyu) and fish (hoki, cape hake, parrotfish, blue shark etc.) as well as associated delivery wholesaler offers majority shareholding. The company is sustainably profitable with a sales volume of well over € 100 million.

Project 176320

Delicacies | Germany

Delicacies manufacturer with four strong product groups: delicate dishes, soups, regional sausage specialities and spicy sauces is looking for a successor solution, group turnover approx. € 40 million, EBITDA good 10%, location central Germany.

Project 174452

Baked goods | Germany

Western Germany bakery with its extensive regional branch network and over € 25 million turnover is open for (strategic) investments in order to better seize growth opportunities.

Project 89415

Rice Processing | Italy

A traditional Italian rice processor of mostly private label with strong exports with around € 30 million in turnover is for sale.

Project 178290R

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